Dubai Trip - The Beauty of Dubai

Dubai is an excellent tourist destination, especially during the time of Dubai shopping festival. Dubai tourism emerged all of a sudden within a short period of time. Every year 10 million tourists are visiting Dubai. Enjoy excellent shopping, recreational activities and world-class cuisines during Dubai travel. Maximum numbers of tourists are coming to Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival which is held annually. Since most of the visitors are coming for the shopping, Dubai Sheikh converted Dubai into a luxurious holiday spot by pumping in money earned through oil trade. Dubai is considered as the meeting point of Africa, Asia and European continents. The schedules of Dubai travel are suitable for everyone to attend international meetings as it is the central point.

Regular visitors are coming to Dubai for business purposes. If you are going as a tourist, then the best time to visit the emirate is during October to April because those months are the coolest. The emirate is dry during the hottest days of summer and humid in cooler days of summer. Dubai became the famous tourist destination because of the best shopping malls, artificial islets, lush green parks, luxury hotels, golf courses, cultural centers, skyscrapers, sunny beaches and international cuisines. Dubai offer high standards of luxury and comfort to its visitors. If you have an Israel passport, then you cannot enter the emirate.

Because of the flocking visitors, Dubai International Airport is among the top 30 busiest airports in the world. You can come to Dubai using Abu Dhabi International Airport and Sharjah International Airport. The official airline of Dubai is the Emirates that connect the emirate to more than hundred destinations. The low-cost airline of Dubai is FlyDubai. You can reach your hotel from the airport easily as you can find several limos, taxis, airport buses and municipal buses from the airport.

Getting around Dubai became easier after the introduction of metro service. Dubai metro is considered as the best public transport system in Middle East. You can enjoy unlimited rides on buses and metro by purchasing a pass which is valid for one day. The passes are available at main bus stations and metro stations. The emirate has a family-oriented atmosphere where you can find hotels with great variety of meals for children. Some of the major hotels also offer baby-sitting services. Children can enjoy the stay in Dubai as there are several activities for kids in amusement parks, five-star hotels and other areas. Discounts are available for children at swimming pools, entertainment centers, amusement parks and museums.

Dubai trip is safer for women. Even though lonely women travelers are not rare in Dubai, but you may attract unwanted attention of others. Women enjoy a liberal lifestyle in Dubai, but you have to be careful while visiting the society with traditional roots. Hotel rates are reduced to 50% of the normal rates during Ramadan month which is a great advantage for the travelers. But the government imposes certain bans during Ramadan like drinking and eating is prohibited in public from morning to evening. The shopping hours in Dubai is from 9am to 1pm and then from 4pm to 9pm.